Discover the Cheapest Gateway to Greenland – Your Ultimate Guide

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The Land of Ice and Adventure: Discovering Greenland

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the pristine land of Greenland? A vast, icy wilderness that has been beckoning travellers for centuries, Greenland is an adventure-seeker’s dream and a nature lover’s paradise. But before you embark on your journey, you might be wondering, “Where is the cheapest place to fly into Greenland?” This article will help you answer that question and provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip to this beautiful destination.

Greenland: An Overview

Greenland is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It is the world’s largest island, covering an area of over 836,000 square miles, and is mostly covered by ice. Despite its harsh climate, Greenland is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including polar bears, whales, and Arctic foxes, as well as a fascinating indigenous culture that dates back over 4,000 years.

Getting to Greenland: A Guide

The best way to get to Greenland is by air. There are several airlines that offer flights to Greenland, including Air Greenland, Icelandair, and SAS Scandinavian Airlines. When it comes to finding the cheapest flights to Greenland, the key is to be flexible with your travel dates and to book your tickets well in advance.

When is the best time to visit Greenland? Greenland is a destination that can be visited all year round, but the best time to go depends on what you want to experience. For example, if you want to see the Northern Lights, the best time to visit is from October to March. On the other hand, if you want to experience the midnight sun, you should plan your trip between May and July.

Where is the cheapest place to fly into Greenland? The cheapest place to fly into Greenland varies depending on where you are flying from. If you are flying from North America, the cheapest place to fly into Greenland is usually Keflavik International Airport in Iceland. From Keflavik, you can take a connecting flight to one of Greenland’s four international airports: Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat, or Narsarsuaq.

If you are flying from Europe, the cheapest place to fly into Greenland is usually Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. From Copenhagen, you can take a direct flight to Kangerlussuaq or a connecting flight to one of Greenland’s other international airports.

It’s important to note that flights to Greenland can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to start looking for tickets as early as possible and to be flexible with your travel dates. Another way to save money is to consider travelling during the shoulder season, which is typically from April to May and from September to October.

Exploring Greenland: What to See and Do

Greenland is a destination that has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply relaxing in nature. Here are some of the top things to see and do in Greenland:

1. Go Dogsledding: Dogsledding is a popular activity in Greenland, and there are several tour operators that offer dogsledding adventures in different parts of the country. You’ll get to meet the friendly sled dogs, learn about their training, and take in the stunning Arctic scenery as you glide through the icy wilderness.

2. Visit Ilulissat Icefjord: Ilulissat Icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to one of the most active glaciers in the world. You can take a scenic boat tour to see the glaciers up close and marvel at their size and beauty.

3. Experience Inuit Culture: The Inuit people have a rich and fascinating culture that has survived for thousands of years in Greenland. You can visit local communities and learn about traditional Inuit crafts, food, and music, or attend cultural events such as the annual Arctic Sounds Festival.

4. Hike the Arctic Tundra: Greenland’s Arctic tundra is a vast and beautiful landscape that is home to a variety of flora and fauna. You can take guided hikes through the tundra to see wildflowers, mosses, and lichens, and maybe even spot some of Greenland’s unique wildlife.


Greenland is a destination that offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. From the stunning icebergs and glaciers to the rich Inuit culture and wildlife, there is something for everyone in this beautiful and remote destination. So why not start planning your trip today and discover all the wonders that Greenland has to offer?

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