Discover Lapland’s Enchanting Christmas Villages: Where to Find the Prettiest Christmas Town

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Are you looking for the perfect place to spend Christmas? Does the idea of a winter wonderland filled with holiday cheer and festive decorations sound like a dream come true? Look no further than Lapland! This northern region offers some of the prettiest Christmas towns in the world.

What and where is Lapland?

Lapland is a vast region located in northern Europe that spans across multiple countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, unique culture, and winter activities such as skiing and husky sled rides. The main towns in Lapland are Rovaniemi, Levi, Ylläs, and Saariselkä, each offering its own charm and attractions.

Why Lapland for Christmas?

Lapland is a magical place during the holiday season. With snow-covered pine trees, cozy log cabins, and reindeer roaming the streets, it is hard not to feel the holiday spirit. Additionally, the town of Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus, where you can visit Santa’s village and meet the man himself.

The Prettiest Christmas Towns in Lapland

1) Rovaniemi: As mentioned previously, Rovaniemi is not only the hometown of Santa Claus but also a picturesque winter wonderland. The city center features festive lights and decorations, and is easily walkable. Add to that the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights, and you have a winter paradise.

2) Levi: Levi is one of the largest ski resorts in Lapland and offers a variety of winter activities to keep you entertained. The town also boasts numerous restaurants and cozy accommodation options, from traditional wooden cabins to luxury hotels.

3) Ylläs: If you are looking for a more traditional Lapland experience, Ylläs is the place for you. The town features Finnish-style log cabins and cozy cafes serving gingerbread and hot cocoa. It is also home to the Northern Lights Ranch, where you can dine under the stars and watch for the Aurora Borealis.

4) Saariselkä: Saariselkä is the northernmost ski resort in Lapland and provides plenty of opportunities for winter sports. The town features picturesque wooden buildings and a variety of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hostels.

Additional Tips for Visiting Lapland in Winter

1) Dress in layers: Lapland can get very cold during the winter months, so it is important to dress warmly. Layers will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

2) Book activities in advance: Popular winter activities such as husky rides and snowmobiling can fill up quickly, so it is important to book in advance to ensure availability.

3) Try traditional Finnish cuisine: Finnish cuisine is hearty and warming, perfect for the winter months. Try dishes such as reindeer stew and smoked salmon to experience the local flavors.


In conclusion, Lapland is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a magical Christmas experience. With its charming towns, winter activities, and unique culture, it truly is a winter wonderland. So pack your warmest clothes and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in one of the prettiest Christmas towns in the world.

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