Your Complete Guide to Lapland: Which Airport Should You Fly To?

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As the winter season approaches, travelers start planning their winter wonderland trips to snowy destinations. When it comes to this, Lapland mesmerizes most of the travelers with its unique landscapes, Northern Lights, and various winter activities. However, one of the most common questions asked by travelers is, “What airport do you fly to for Lapland?” In this article, we will dive into the information you need to know about the airports that serve Lapland for your smoother trip planning.

What airport do you fly to for Lapland?

The simple answer to this question is, there is no direct airport to Lapland. However, fear not, as Lapland can be easily accessible with its several airports conveniently located in the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian parts of the region. Depending on your travel preference and destination in Lapland, you can choose the airport that suits you best.

Getting to Lapland via Finland:

If you happen to select Finnish Lapland as your winter destination, there are several airports you can consider arriving at. The busiest airport in Finnish Lapland is Rovaniemi airport which is located in the capital city of Lapland, Rovaniemi. The airport is served by various airlines such as Finnair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and easyJet, with regular flights from Helsinki and other major cities around Europe.

Another airport to consider in Finnish Lapland is Kittilä airport, which is located about two hours drive from Rovaniemi airport. This airport is also well-connected with Helsinki airport, and various airlines like Finnair, Norwegian, and TUI Airways offer regular flights.

For those who are planning a trip to Levi ski resort, the airport located closest would be Kittilä airport. Moreover, destinations like Ylläs, Muonio, and Inari regions are easily accessible via Kittila airport.

Another airport located in Finnish Lapland is Ivalo airport which is about 10km outside of the town of Ivalo. This airport is the most northerly operating airport in Finland, and it is well-connected to Helsinki by regular flights operated by Finnair.

Getting to Lapland via Sweden:

If you are planning to visit Swedish Lapland, the most convenient airport that serves the region is Luleå airport. Luleå airport is located near the coast which makes it easily accessible by both road and air transport. It is served by various airlines such as SAS, Norwegian, and Finnair, with regular flights from Stockholm and other major cities in Europe.

Another airport to consider if you are visiting Swedish Lapland is Kiruna airport. This airport serves as the gateway to destinations such as Abisko, Björkliden, and ICEHOTEL. Regular flights from Stockholm and various international cities operate to this airport via various airlines like Norwegian, SAS, and Finnair.

Getting to Lapland via Norway:

If you are planning to visit the Norwegian part of Lapland, then the most convenient airport for you would be Tromsø airport. This airport is situated in Northern Norway, and it is well-connected to Helsinki via Finnair, with regular flights.

Another airport to consider in Norway is Alta airport. Alta airport is located on the coast of the Arctic Sea, and it is served by various airlines like SAS, Norwegian, and Widerøe, with regular flights from Oslo and other major cities.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several airports that serve Lapland, depending on the destination you wish to reach and your travel preferences. Finnish Lapland has the busiest airports and the most flights operated by various airlines, while Swedish Lapland and Norwegian Lapland are served by regional airports. Ultimately, the airport that you choose depends on several factors such as the location of your accommodation, your preferred mode of transport, and your budget.

We hope this article has provided useful information to answer your question, “What airport do you fly to for Lapland?” and helped you to make a well-informed decision when planning your next winter getaway to Lapland. Enjoy your winter adventure in Lapland!

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