Retiring to Greenland: All You Need to Know

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Have you ever imagined retiring to a place that is entirely different from your home country, where the population is the least dense in the world and the sunlight patterns change drastically? If you’re curious about whether you can retire to Greenland, you may have some questions.

Can I Retire to Greenland?

The answer, in principle, is yes. Greenland’s government does not prohibit foreigners from retiring to the nation. Nonetheless, before you make definitive plans, there are certain things to consider.

Living Expenses

The cost of living in Greenland is high since everything must be imported. Food, transportation, and lodging are all among the most expensive in the world. Because of the high cost of living, retiring in Greenland may be expensive.

Additionally, since the nation is sparsely populated, healthcare facilities and medical personnel are limited, which may result in higher costs.

Language Barrier

The official language in Greenland is Greenlandic, which is also referred to as Kalaallisut. Although many people in Greenland speak English, given the isolation of the country, it may be challenging to communicate effectively with locals, particularly in smaller towns. A basic understanding of Greenlandic is useful if you want to integrate yourself into the local community.


Greenland’s location and climate are unique. During the long winter months, the sun barely appears over the horizon, while during the summer months, daylight persists for 24 hours each day. The weather in Greenland is generally very cold, with snow and ice covering the landmass for most of the year. Bear in mind that the long, dark winters and extreme cold may not appeal to everyone.

Culture and Lifestyle

Furthermore, Greenland is a country with a unique culture and customs. It is an independent country within the Kingdom of Denmark with a distinct language, government, and economy. Typically, the pace of life is slower, and people are more bonded to the natural world. If you are looking for a change, living in Greenland may give you a fresh perspective, but you may need to adjust to a different way of life.


Overall, retiring to Greenland is feasible, but it requires careful planning and consideration of the challenges and benefits of life in this Arctic nation. The cost of living is high, the language barrier can be challenging, and the climate and culture are distinct. However, for individuals seeking adventure, novelty, and natural beauty, Greenland may be an ideal place to retire.

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