Discovering Arctic Architecture: Exploring Unique House Designs in the Frigid North

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Welcome to the Arctic, the place where you can experience the magic of snow and ice, the Northern Lights, and the life of the indigenous people. If you are wondering about the houses here, keep reading!

The Arctic Housing

The Arctic is home to a variety of indigenous communities, each with their unique housing styles. The Inuit, for example, lived in igloos made from compacted snow blocks. These temporary shelters were ideal for hunting expeditions and offered protection from the extreme cold. Similarly, in parts of Siberia, the Chukchi built their houses using ice blocks, called yarangas. These structures were covered with animal hides to keep the warmth in.

Today, however, the indigenous people have adopted modern building materials and technology. Houses in the Arctic are now built with modern amenities, but they still retain some of the traditional elements.

Building Materials

The harsh Arctic climate makes it challenging to build houses that can withstand the weather conditions. However, modern technology has allowed for the use of strong, durable building materials to construct homes in the Arctic. Most houses in the Arctic are built using wood, metal, or concrete.

The Canadian Inuit, for instance, have embraced modern architecture and have a diverse mix of housing styles to suit their infrastructure needs. These houses are made of durable materials such as cement, wood, and steel. Similarly, in Norway, where temperatures plunge to -40 degrees Celsius, houses are built with thick walls and insulated roofs made of metal or wood.


Most Arctic houses have sloped roofs that are designed to shed the heavy snow load. The windows are small and placed strategically to prevent heat loss and maximize insulation. The houses are also raised on pilings or blocks of concrete, which keeps them above the permafrost and prevents structural damage.

The Arctic has a unique style of housing, heavily influenced by the indigenous people who live there. Most houses are designed to blend with the surroundings, and their exteriors have natural shades like brown, green or grey.


There you have it! Now you know what houses are like in the Arctic. The indigenous people have been able to adapt to the extreme Arctic conditions, and modern technology has made it easier to build houses in the region. Whether it’s a wooden cabin in Norway or a concrete house in Canada, the Arctic homes sure do have a unique charm.

If you are fascinated by the Arctic culture and the life of the indigenous people, pack your bags and embark on a journey to the North Pole. Explore the Arctic, learn the culture, and discover the beauty of this frozen wonderland.

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