Greenland Visa Guide: Can EU Citizens Live and Work in Greenland?

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Greenland: Can EU Citizens Live and Work in the World’s Largest Island?

Welcome to the land of glaciers and icebergs, Greenland, the world’s largest island. It is not a separate country but an autonomous administrative division of Denmark. The sparsely populated island offers breathtaking and untouched landscapes that will mesmerize any nature lover. As a travel guide specialized in North Pole travels, we have received many questions from our clients about living and working in Greenland as an EU citizen. In this article, we will answer the question, Can EU citizens live and work in Greenland?

Greenland’s Position on EU Citizens

Greenland, like any other country, has its own immigration policies. Greenland is not a part of the European Union, and therefore EU nationals are not automatically granted the right to live and work in Greenland. However, Greenland is a part of the Nordic Passport Union, which allows free movement of citizens between Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. This means that as an EU citizen, you can enter Greenland with a passport or identity card without the need for a visa. However, depending on your intended length of stay and purpose of travel, you may be required to obtain a work or residence permit to live and work in Greenland permanently.

Work Permit and Residence Permit

If you are an EU national and you wish to work in Greenland, you will need a work permit. Greenland has a shortage of skilled workers, especially in the health, education, and technology sectors. If you have specialized skills in any of these areas and can speak Danish or Greenlandic, you will have a higher chance of obtaining a work permit.

Obtaining a residence permit is necessary if you plan to live in Greenland for longer than three months. The permit is issued by the Danish Immigration Service, acting under Greenland’s authority. To obtain this permit, you need to have secured a job and have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay.

Job Opportunities in Greenland

Greenland’s job market may be small, but there are employment possibilities. The major industries in Greenland are fishing, tourism, and mining. If you are planning to work in any of these industries, it is necessary to research the current job market within those sectors. It is recommended to visit Greenland and network with potential employers and colleagues before applying for any job.

Apart from the major industries, there is a high demand for teachers, doctors, nurses, and engineers. As mentioned earlier, if you have specialized skills in these areas, the chances of obtaining a work permit will increase. Nevertheless, Greenland is actively seeking foreign investments and entrepreneurs who can bring new business ideas to the island, making it a good destination for starting your own business.

Living in Greenland

Living in Greenland is a unique and rewarding experience, but it’s not for everyone. The island has a population of around 56,000, and almost a third of the population resides in the capital city of Nuuk. The language spoken in Greenland is Greenlandic, but Danish is the official language and widely used in daily communication. The isolation of the island and harsh weather conditions make it a challenging place to live, though it’s suited for strong and independent individuals who appreciate quiet and slow-paced living.


In conclusion, EU citizens are not granted automatic permission to live and work in Greenland. If you wish to stay in Greenland for a longer duration, obtaining a work and/or residence permit is necessary. Greenland’s major industries are fishing, tourism, and mining, but the island has a high demand for specialized professionals in the health, education, and technology sectors. Living in Greenland is not for everyone, but it is an unforgettable experience for those who can withstand the island’s harsh weather and solitude. We hope that this article has paved the way for your journey to Greenland, answering the question, Can EU citizens live and work in Greenland?

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