Discover the Ideal Temperature in Svalbard’s Summer: A Guide to Spitsbergen Climate

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What is the Temperature in Svalbard Summer? A Complete Guide.

Are you planning to visit Arctic Norway this summer? One of the most crucial things to pack for your trip is undoubtedly the right clothing for the weather conditions. You may want to know the temperature in Svalbard summer before you start packing. This guide will give you detailed information on the temperature in Svalbard summer, factors affecting temperature, and much more.

Svalbard, an archipelago located between mainland Norway and the North Pole, is one of the unique places in the world that experience the midnight sun during the summer months. During the summer, the sun does not set for around three months, offering one of the most spectacular views in the world. But, what about the temperature?

Factors Affecting Temperature in Svalbard Summer

The temperature in Svalbard summer is quite different from other parts of the world. There are various reasons for this temperature difference, including:

1. Latitude: Svalbard is located between 74°N and 81°N latitudes. This location is above the Arctic Circle where the sun never sets during the summer months. Due to the constant exposure to sunlight, the temperature in Svalbard during summer is mild.

2. Proximity to the Ocean: Svalbard is located in the Arctic Ocean with a maritime climate that affects the temperature. The ocean acts as a heat sink and keeps the temperature moderate. The temperature in Svalbard is rarely above 10℃ even during summers.

3. Altitude: Svalbard has a series of mountains that affect the temperature by blocking the wind or making it more intense. The mountains do not cause much of a temperature difference, though. It is still relatively mild during the summer months.

The Temperature in Svalbard Summer

Now, let’s get to the part that most of you were probably waiting for! What is the temperature in Svalbard summer really like?

The average temperature in Svalbard summer is around 7-8℃ (44°F). However, the temperature fluctuates throughout the summer months. In June, the average temperature is around 3℃ (37°F), while in August, it rises to about 9℃ (48°F).

Despite these relatively mild temperatures, you must also consider other factors such as the wind and humidity. The wind can make the temperature feel much colder, and humidity can make the air feel denser, making it more challenging to stay warm.

What to Pack for Svalbard Summer?

Now that you know the temperature in Svalbard summer, it’s time to pack! You must pack unique clothing suitable for these temperatures. An essential item to pack is outdoor clothing designed for wind and water protection like windbreakers, rain jackets, and waterproof pants.

You also need to pack plenty of layers of clothing designed to preserve heat. Thermal underwear, wool sweaters, and long pants are some of the items that can help you stay warm. Don’t forget to pack accessories like a hat, gloves, and warm socks.


Knowing the temperature in Svalbard summer is essential. With the right clothing and layers, you can comfortably enjoy the stunning beauty of this unique place. However, you must also remember other factors affecting the temperature like wind and humidity. Take advantage of this guide when you pack for your trip to the Arctic North. Have fun exploring the pure beauty of Svalbard!

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