Discover the Chilling Temperatures of Svalbard in June: All You Need to Know

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Are you bracing yourself for a visit to Spitsbergen in June? One of the coldest places in the world, Svalbard, is a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean, located halfway between Norway and the North Pole. It’s a land of fascinating natural beauty, stunning wildlife, and sub-zero temperatures. Read on to know more about how cold it gets in Svalbard in June.

Seasons in Svalbard:

Before we know how cold it gets in Svalbard in June, let’s take a quick brush-up on the seasons of the northernmost settlement of the world. We can categorize the Svalbard year into two seasons, the ‘light season’ and the ‘dark season.’

Light Season:

The Light Season starts with the end of polar night, from mid-February to April, and lasts till August. This season is characterized by longer daylight hours, and the midnight sun is visible from around 20th April to 22nd August.

Dark Season:

The Dark season, on the other hand, receives very little daylight, and the sun is not visible at all. It starts in October and lasts till February.

The Temperature in Svalbard:

The temperature in Svalbard varies from season to season. During the light season, temperatures range between zero-degree Celsius to 20-degree Celsius, based on the location. The North Pole Expedition visitors in summer find Svalbard surprisingly hospitable with peaks occasionally getting foliage. But, as soon as we move towards the dark season, the weather becomes increasingly harsh. At the peak of the dark season in January, the temperature falls below -20-degree Celsius, with chilling winds and heavy snowstorms making outside activities challenging.

How Cold Is Svalbard in June?

June marks the beginning of the light season in Svalbard. With the end of the long polar night, the sun finally makes an appearance after months of continuous darkness. But, don’t expect the climate to be warm and cozy just yet. The temperature in Svalbard in June is still very cold, with temperatures ranging from 1-degree Celsius to 5-degree Celsius.

It’s worth mentioning that even during the ‘milder’ light season, the climate in Svalbard is unpredictable and harsh. Chilling winds and unexpected snowfall are common, making it essential to pack warm clothing and layers if planning a trip to this stunning archipelago. However, despite the freezing weather, Svalbard offers its visitors an experience of a lifetime with mesmerizing scenery, unique fauna, and an unforgettable adventure.

What to Expect during your visit to Svalbard in June:

The beautiful landscapes and stunning wildlife of Svalbard make it a unique experience for visitors. With the melting of sea ice in June, the region is filled with life. Polar bears can be spotted with their cubs, walruses relaxing on icebergs, and Arctic foxes scurrying around. Apart from the unique wildlife, you can also visit historic mining towns and go dog-sledding across stunning landscapes.

So, if you plan to visit Svalbard in June, expect a chilly climate with temperatures ranging from 1-degree Celsius to 5-degree Celsius. Pack warm clothing and layers, and brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure amidst the spell-binding beauty of Spitsbergen.

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