Your Ultimate Guide to EU Citizens’ Stay Duration in Norway

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Have you ever wondered how long can EU citizens stay in Norway? As an English travel guide and SEO expert, I am here to provide you with all the information you need to satisfy your search intent.

Information for EU Citizens Traveling to Norway

First things first, if you are an EU citizen, you can travel to Norway without a visa and stay for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This rule applies to all EU/EEA countries, including Switzerland. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Norway as an EU citizen, you are well within the limit of the visa-free stay.

Extended Stays in Norway for EU Citizens

But what if you want to stay in Norway for a longer period of time? In this case, you would need to apply for a residence permit. EU citizens can apply for a residence permit if they are either employed, self-employed, students, or have sufficient means to support themselves without recourse to public funds. The residence permit will allow you to stay in Norway for a period longer than 90 days and you will also be eligible for access to healthcare and other public services in Norway.

The Application Process for the Residence Permit

The application process for a residence permit in Norway is straightforward. You need to make the application before your visa-free stay expires. You can find more information and details about how to apply on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website.

It is important to note that EU citizens who intend to work in Norway must obtain a tax ID number which can be obtained through the Norwegian Tax Administration website. The tax ID number is required for anyone who wants to work in Norway and pays Norwegian taxes.


There you have it, everything you need to know about how long can EU citizens stay in Norway. Whether you plan to stay for a short period or a longer one, the visa requirements for EU citizens are quite simple. Remember to apply for a residence permit if you intend to stay in Norway for a period longer than 90 days.

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