The Ultimate Guide to Helsinki-Rovaniemi Train Tickets in Lapland

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Welcome to the world of Lapland, where nature and beauty go hand in hand. Our guide will give you an insight into what to expect while travelling from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, and how much it will cost. So, let’s dive in to discover the secrets of this magical place.

Introduction to Lapland

Are you ready for a place that is beyond your wildest dreams? Lapland is the ultimate destination for those seeking an adventure in the abyss of beauty. It is the largest and northernmost region in Finland, famous for its snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and home to the indigenous Sami people. Located close to the Arctic Circle, Lapland is known for the mesmerizing Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, and the famous Santa Claus Village. Sounds intriguing, right? So, let’s get started on the journey.

The train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring train journey with stunning views, then travelling from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is surely a winner. The journey is a perfect combination of modern amenities and natural landscapes. Helsinki to Rovaniemi is a 10-hour train ride. It covers a distance of approximately 830 km and travels through the breathtaking forests, snowy hills, and pristine rivers. The trains are equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected throughout the journey. You can also enjoy meals and snacks during the trip from the dining car, or you can bring your own food for the ride.

Cost of the train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

The most common question on every traveler’s mind before starting any journey is How much does it cost? The cost of the train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi mainly depends on the type of ticket purchased and the time of your booking. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day of travel from the train station. The prices start at €36 for a one-way trip and go up to €90 for a return trip. If a traveler wishes to enjoy first-class amenities, the tickets are priced higher. The Finnish railways offer different ticket categories such as Saver, First-class, and Flexi tickets.

Saver tickets

Saver tickets can be purchased way in advance, and the more in advance you book, the cheaper the tickets get. However, it is important to note that Saver tickets are non-refundable, and the dates cannot be changed once booked. So, it’s better to be sure of your travel dates before booking this ticket.

First-class tickets

First-class tickets are ideal for those who want to travel in style. They offer comfortable and spacious seats, free Wi-Fi, snacks, and meals, and a quiet and peaceful journey. First-class tickets can also be purchased in advance or on the day of travel for a higher price than Saver tickets. However, the luxurious amenities make it worth it.

Flexi tickets

Flexi tickets are the most expensive option, but they offer flexibility in terms of date changes and cancellations. These tickets are perfect for those who are unsure of their travel dates and plans. Flexi tickets come with a higher price tag but offer the convenience of changing travel dates or canceling the ticket at no extra cost.


Now that you know all the important details about the train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and how much it costs, you are ready to embark on an adventure in Lapland. This region offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and adventure, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers, photographers, and those seeking an escape from their daily routine. So, pack your bags, book your train tickets, and get ready to explore the magical and mesmerizing Lapland.

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