Iceland on a Budget: How Much Does a Day in Iceland Cost?

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Are you planning on visiting Iceland and wondering how much will you spend a day in Iceland? Iceland is an enchanting country, with breathtaking landscape, ice-covered mountains, and hot springs that boast of impressive geothermal activity. The country’s unique combination of natural wonders and splendid attractions make it a popular destination for travelers all around the globe.

Accommodation in Iceland

When it comes to accommodation in Iceland, you may find that prices are higher than what you are used to. However, there are options available to you that can help keep costs down. Budget hotels, guesthouses, and hostels can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 a night, depending on the time of year and location. Airbnb is also an option to consider. You can find affordable private rooms or entire apartments for rent.

Food and Drink in Iceland

When it comes to food, Iceland can be an expensive place. Expect to pay at least $20 per meal at a restaurant. That being said, there are a few things you can do to save money on food. One option is to buy food from supermarkets. Icelandic supermarkets offer a wide range of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and bread. You can also visit hot dog stands and street food vendors, which provide surprisingly affordable options.

Transportation in Iceland

Transportation costs in Iceland can vary depending on the method of transportation you choose and the time of year. Renting a car is the most popular way to get around Iceland, with prices starting at around $50 per day. Another option is to use public transport, which is reliable, but not as frequent as in other countries. Public buses, for instance, can cost around $30 for a single trip from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik city center.

Activities and Attractions in Iceland

When it comes to activities and attractions in Iceland, there is an abundance of natural wonders, museums, and cultural hotspots to explore. The famous Blue Lagoon, for instance, is one of Iceland’s top attractions and costs around $70 for entry. Other outdoor activities like glacier hiking, horse riding, whale watching, and snorkeling can range from $50 to $400 per person. You can also explore the natural wonders of the country at no cost, such as hiking, cycling, and visiting parks.


Now that you have an idea of how much you will spend a day in Iceland, you can plan your trip accordingly. Despite being a pricey country, there are ways to save money and enjoy all that Iceland has to offer. From affordable accommodations to budget-friendly food options, Iceland remains an enchanting destination that is worth every penny. So why not plan your trip today and experience all that Iceland has to offer for yourself?

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