Traveling to Iceland during COVID: Do you require a vaccine shot?

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Have you been wondering if you need a COVID shot to go to Iceland? With travel slowly making a comeback, it’s important to know what kind of precautions one needs to take before embarking on an adventure to a new country. In this article, we’ll be sharing all the information you need to know about COVID-19 regulations and guidelines in Iceland.

COVID-19 Regulations in Iceland

Iceland is a gorgeous island nation located in the North Atlantic Ocean and is known for its breathtaking landscapes, geothermal pools, active volcanoes, and the mesmerizing Northern Lights. But like most countries in the world, Iceland too has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Icelandic government has taken strict measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country, including travel restrictions, mandatory testing, and quarantine regulations. If you’re planning to travel to Iceland, you need to be aware of the latest regulations so that you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Travel Regulations in Iceland

As of July 2021, Iceland has opened its borders to all travelers. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, you can enter Iceland if you can show a certificate of either a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival or a proof of previous COVID-19 infection.

Note: Visitors who have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate from a European Union or Schengen Area country can enter Iceland without being required to undergo border screening and quarantine.

COVID-19 Guidelines in Iceland

Iceland’s Ministry of Health has established guidelines for individuals to follow to prevent the spread of the virus. These guidelines include:

  • Maintaining social distancing of at least 2 meters from other people
  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Wearing a mask in situations where social distancing is not possible, such as in public transportation, shops and restaurants
  • Staying home if you feel unwell or show any symptoms of COVID-19

Do You Need a COVID Shot to Go to Iceland?

At the moment, COVID-19 vaccinations are not mandatory to enter Iceland. However, it’s always a good idea to get vaccinated to protect yourself and your loved ones against the virus. If you’re planning to travel to Iceland, it’s important to follow all the guidelines and regulations set in place by the Icelandic government to keep yourself and others safe.

Travel Tip: To enjoy a hassle-free trip to Iceland, make sure you have travel insurance that covers COVID-19 related issues. This will provide you with additional protection and peace of mind when you’re on your adventure.

Hopefully, this article has answered your question about whether you need a COVID shot to go to Iceland. Remember to take the necessary precautions and enjoy your time in this beautiful country!

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