EU Phone Compatibility in Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

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Welcome to Iceland, a stunning country located in the north of the planet, renowned for its dramatic landscapes, glaciers, volcanoes, and Northern Lights. If you are planning to visit Iceland, you may have some questions about using your European Union (EU) phone while on your trip. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re here to answer all your questions about using your EU phone in Iceland.

What Network does Iceland Use?

If you have a phone from the European Union, it means that it should work in Iceland. The country operates on a 4G LTE cellular network, which is compatible with most EU phones. The three largest network providers in Iceland are Vodafone, Nova, and Siminn. Each of these providers offers various plans to suit your needs, including pre-paid SIM cards and data plans.

Roaming in Iceland with EU SIM Cards

If you have a European Union SIM card, you should be able to roam for free in Iceland. According to new rules set by the European Union, citizens can roam without additional costs within the EU, which includes Iceland. However, it is worth checking with your provider before travelling to Iceland to ensure you have activated this feature. Otherwise, you may incur additional costs.

Buying an Icelandic SIM Card

If you want to have a more reliable connection and avoid extra roaming fees, getting an Icelandic SIM card is a good option. The three network providers in Iceland mentioned before offer various plans. It would be best if you chose which plan works best for you and your needs. You can choose between pre-paid or post-paid cards that offer different data limits and prices that suit your budget. You can easily find the stores where you can buy the sim cards at the Keflavik International Airport or downtown Reykjavik.

Using Wi-Fi in Iceland

In Iceland, Wi-Fi is widely available, and most hotels, cafes, restaurants, and public buses offer free Wi-Fi connections. Using Wi-Fi is a great way to reduce data costs and save your EU phone’s battery life. On the downside, keep in mind that Wi-Fi may not always be available in remote areas.


Iceland’s mobile network is compatible with most EU phones, and roaming in Iceland is typically free of charge. However, we highly recommend checking with your network provider to ensure that you can use your EU phone in Iceland. If you want to avoid additional roaming costs and have a reliable connection, getting an Icelandic SIM card is a good option, and Wi-Fi is another way to stay connected while also remaining cost-efficient. We hope this information has been helpful and that you enjoy your travels in Iceland!

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