Discovering the Nearest European Island to Greenland: A Guide to Arctic Adventure

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Are you planning a trip to Greenland and wondering about the nearest European island to it? Well, the answer is Iceland, located about 290 kilometers west of Greenland. However, there is more to know about Greenland and its surroundings, so keep reading to discover new and exciting things.


Greenland is the world’s largest island, located in the North American continent, but politically and culturally associated with Europe. It is an autonomous territory of Denmark, and its population of approximately 57,000 people mostly inhabits the coast since the interior is covered by ice. Greenland is famous for its natural beauty, wildlife, and Northern Lights.

The official languages are Greenlandic (an Inuit language) and Danish. Visitors can communicate in English as well, and some touristic areas and businesses have multilingual staff.


Iceland is a Nordic island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Greenland. Its population is around 364,000 people, and the official language is Icelandic. The currency is the Icelandic Krona, and the capital city is Reykjavik.

Iceland is famous for its geothermal energy, hot springs, and volcanoes, as well as for being a great place to spot the Northern Lights. Tourism is a significant contributor to the Icelandic economy, and visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities such as hiking, skiing, or whale watching.

How to get from Iceland to Greenland?

The easiest way to get from Iceland to Greenland is by plane. Air Greenland operates regular flights from Reykjavik’s Keflavik International Airport to Greenland’s capital city, Nuuk, and other towns such as Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq.

The duration of the flight from Reykjavik to Nuuk is around three hours, and the price may vary depending on the season and demand. Some flights may require a layover in another Greenlandic city or in Denmark.

Other nearby islands

Aside from Iceland, there are other nearby islands worth mentioning:

  • Jan Mayen: a Norwegian volcanic island located between Greenland and Norway.
  • Svalbard: an archipelago under Norwegian sovereignty located north of mainland Europe.
  • Faeroe Islands: an autonomous territory of Denmark located between Iceland and Norway.

These islands offer beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and unique cultural experiences. However, keep in mind that some of them have limited access or require specific permits.


And that’s all for now! We hope this article helped you solve your search intent about the nearest European island to Greenland, and also provided you with useful information about Greenland and its surroundings. Remember that visiting these remote locations requires careful planning and preparation, but the reward is an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and wonder.

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