Discover the Truth: How Safe is Tourism in Greenland?

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Greenland: A peaceful and safe destination for curious tourists

Greenland is one of the most unique and breathtaking destinations in the world, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Many people feel a strong desire to visit this country, where natural wonders await. However, before planning a trip, many of them ask themselves:

How safe is Greenland for tourists?

The short answer is that Greenland is a very safe destination for travelers. Especially for those who enjoy adventure and outdoor activities.

Despite its remote location and harsh climate, Greenland is a peaceful and welcoming country. The people who live there are known for their friendliness, hospitality and respect for other cultures. Tourists can always count on a warm welcome and be assured that they will be able to explore the natural beauty of the country in a safe and secure environment.

Natural beauty and adventurous experiences are the main attractions in Greenland

Greenland is a destination that appeals to travelers looking for an alternative to the traditional vacation spots. People who are passionate about nature, mysticism and ancient cultures are attracted to this country. Greenland is a mystical place where the northern lights, glaciers, mountains and icebergs coexist in harmony.

Being one of the most pristine regions on earth, Greenland offers superb outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, skiing and dog sledding. In addition, visitors can witness whales and seals playing in the icy waters, take sled trips with Greenlandic Hunters and enjoy traditional foods prepared with fresh ingredients.

The local culture and traditions

Greenland offers tourists an opportunity to connect with the Inuit culture that is still alive and thriving. The Inuit are Greenland’s indigenous people, and they have lived in Greenland for over 4,500 years. Their lifestyles are closely linked with the natural environment, and they have many traditions, customs and stories to share with visitors.

Greenlandic music, art and dance are also an essential part of the culture. These forms of expression reflect the Inuits’ close connection to the natural world, and visitors can learn a lot about the local way of life by enjoying these art forms.

The safety measures in Greenland

Greenland is a relatively safe country with very low crime rates. The Greenlandic police force is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of tourists and locals. The police stations are located in all the major towns and are easily accessible if you need any help.

Much of the country is uninhabited, but tourists can still explore safely with the help of experienced local guides. Tour operators are knowledgeable about the areas they operate in and follow strict safety protocols to ensure the tourists’ safety.

Weather and natural hazards

Greenland has a harsh and unpredictable climate with rapidly changing weather conditions. Tourists should be well-prepared and equipped at all times. The government of Greenland provides a weather service to help tourists stay informed regarding the latest weather information.

Natural hazards such as avalanches, ice calving, and polar bear encounters are always a possibility when exploring the country’s natural beauty. It is crucial to follow the guidelines and instructions given by experienced local guides to stay safe.


Greenland is a unique, peaceful and safe destination for tourists who enjoy the outdoors and cultural immersion. Tourists can rest assured that they will be warmly welcomed and that their safety is a top priority in this adventure-packed country.

So why not start planning your Greenlandic adventure today?

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