Discover the Cost of Dining in Greenland: How Much Is a Meal in the Arctic Land?

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Why You Should Know About the Cost of Meals in Greenland

You don’t have to be an adventurer or an explorer to be attracted to the icy reaches of Greenland. The stunning, visually-arresting landscape and its associated adventures make it a perfect hub for travellers. Along with the travel arrangements, food is a crucial aspect of any journey, especially if you’re planning to go north. So, in this blog post, we are going to answer the question, “how much is a meal in Greenland?” for travellers like you.

Geography and Background of Greenland

Greenland is the world’s largest island, located in the northern hemisphere. It is a self-governed country that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenland has a population of around 56,000 and it is known for its massive ice sheets, breathtaking glaciers, and jagged mountains.

Cuisine in Greenland

Greenlandic cuisine revolves around two main sources of food: the sea and land. There is more seafood than meat available in Greenland, as you might expect given its location.

The national dish of Greenland is meat from marine mammals, usually either whale or seal. However, there are other options available to cater to travellers with different tastes, such as muskox, reindeer, and lamb. As vegetables are not locally grown, they are imported from Denmark, which is reflected in the prices.

How Much is a Meal in Greenland?

Meals in Greenland are generally expensive, especially in comparison to neighbouring countries. While the cost of a meal is different for each restaurant, some standard meal prices in local restaurants are given below:

  • Mains: $50 (USD) – $90 (USD)
  • Fast food: $10 (USD) – $20 (USD)
  • Drinks: $5 (USD) – $10 (USD)

Due to a limited supply of food and the remote location of many of its communities, grocery shopping in Greenland can also be expensive. Therefore, people prefer to eat out instead of cooking their meals.

The Best Restaurants in Greenland

Some of the top restaurants you should try visiting in Greenland are:

  • The Restaurant Sarfalik: This restaurant is located in Nuuk and offers exceptional Greenlandic/Nordic cuisine.
  • Ulo: This seafood restaurant is also located in Nuuk and offers a great atmosphere and exquisite cuisine.
  • Nanortalik Tourism Service: This restaurant is located in the southern town of Nanortalik and has a good reputation for excellent seafood.


The remote location, expensive transportation options, and high cost of food make Greenland a costly travel destination. However, it is worth every penny of expense if you’re interested in experiencing natural beauty at its rawest. Travellers should be mindful of expenditures while on the island, particularly when it comes to dining. Use this blog post as a guide to know how much a meal in Greenland may cost and plan your budget accordingly.

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