Traveling to Greenland as an EU Citizen: Tips and Requirements

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Have you ever been curious about whether EU citizens can travel to Greenland? Well, wonder no more! Greenland, which is a self-governing territory of Denmark, has its own visa policy.

Greenland’s Visa Policy

Greenland is a beautiful country full of icebergs, glaciers, and northern lights. It is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but it is independent in terms of visa policy. In other words, Greenland sets its own visa regulations, which may differ from those of Denmark.

Fortunately, for EU citizens, no visa is required to enter Greenland for tourist purposes. EU citizens can stay in Greenland for up to 90 days, which is typically more than enough time to explore the beauty of the country. However, it is recommended to have a valid passport with at least three months of validity left before leaving Greenland.

Getting to Greenland

Getting to Greenland is not as difficult as it may seem. There are several airlines that operate flights to Greenland, including Air Greenland and Icelandair. These airlines offer direct flights to Greenland from both Denmark and Iceland. If you are flying from other EU countries, you may have to connect through Denmark or Iceland.

Things to Do in Greenland

Greenland has much to offer to tourists. There are endless opportunities to explore the country’s natural beauty. The Northern Lights, one of the most spectacular light shows in the world, can be seen in Greenland from September to April. You can also enjoy dog sledding, skiing, and other winter sports. During the summer months, visitors can experience the midnight sun, where the sun never sets. Nature lovers can also explore Greenland’s fjords, glaciers, and ice caps.

Greenland is also home to many native communities that offer a unique culture to explore. Visitors can experience the local way of life, customs, and traditions.


We hope this article has answered your question about whether EU citizens can travel to Greenland. The answer is yes, EU citizens can visit Greenland as tourists without a visa. Greenland offers travelers an unforgettable experience with its natural beauty and unique culture.

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