Exploring Antarctica: A Guide to Antarctic Cuisine for Tourists

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Have you ever wondered what tourists eat in one of the coldest and most remote places on Earth? Antarctica is home to diverse wildlife, stunning views, and unique experiences, but food is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of life on the frozen continent. In this article, we’ll delve into the culinary world of Antarctica and explore what tourists eat in this extreme environment.

Antarctica: A Chilly Culinary Experience

Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent and the only continent with no indigenous human population. It’s also one of the coldest and driest places on the planet, with average temperatures ranging from -70°F (-57°C) to -20°F (-29°C) in winter and from 14°F (-10°C) to 32°F (0°C) in summer.

Due to harsh weather conditions and limited resources, food options are limited for the few thousand people who visit the continent each year. Tourists in Antarctica mainly consume pre-packaged or frozen foods, as well as fresh foods that are flown in from other countries.

Foods For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

A typical day’s meal plan in Antarctica usually includes pre-made or self-made breakfast, packed lunch, and frozen or pre-made dinner. Breakfast is often a simple meal, consisting of cereal, oatmeal, or eggs. As there are no farms, meat and fresh produce are tough to come by. Therefore, most of the foods are either flown in or canned.

Lunch is premade by the tour company or packed by the tourists themselves. It consists mainly of pre-packaged sandwiches or granola bars, fruit, and cheese. Similarly, for Dinner, tourists mainly consume premade or frozen food, which can be reheated when required. Soups, pasta, canned vegetables, seafood, and meat are typical dinner options in Antarctica.

Unique Antarctic Cuisine

Antarctica is known for its unique and exotic types of foods served across the continent.

1. Seal Meat: Seal meat, due to its high-fat content and the ability to protect the human body from hypothermia, is a popular dish among Antarctica’s native population. However, it’s illegal to kill seals if you’re not a citizen of the continent.

2. Ice Cream: In Antarctica, ice cream is made from snow. Tourists can make their ice cream with the snow and condensed milk, provided they have access to some unique flavors.

3. Krill: Krill, a small shrimp-like creature, is an essential food source for many species in Antarctica, including penguins and whales. Humans can also consume krill oil as a dietary supplement because of its health benefits.


The cuisine in Antarctica is unique, considering that most food is flown in or pre-made due to the lack of resources in the continent. Tourists mainly consume pre-packaged and frozen foods, but some exotic options like seal meat, ice cream made from snow, and krill oil are also available for people interested in exploring the cuisine of the coldest continent.

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