Shimshal Valley

Shimshal Valley the valley of mountainers located in Gojal of Hunza Valley. This valley is almost 3,100 m above sea level. Further, Shimshal is a border village that connects the Gilgit-Baltistan part of Pakistan with China. Shimshal is about 55 km away from Passu Village. Most importantly, the valley has its largest adventure area in Hunza and is a major attraction for tourists. Shimshal has 4 small villages. They are Aminabad, Farmanabad, Khizarabad, and Central Shimshal.

Shimshal valley Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan.

One of the rare few places that still offer pure culture, clear nature, and genuine adventure. Uncontaminated Culture where the heritage of centuries is still breathing and reserve. A pleasing landscapes and some of the highest mountains of the world, including nameless, unclimbed summits in native and unexplored areas.

About Route

One of the “most dangerous” roads in the world. It is a one-way road. 60km each way linking Passu (elevation 2,485m) with the remote village – Shimshal (3,113m) in Hunza. Hunza is a district of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. With rough terrain, narrow road, and hundreds of meters drop next to it, one mistake could end up in certain death.

Shimshal valley
Shimshal Valley, Hunza Gilgit-Baltistan.

Samina Baig

All this arrives together with the effort of a young Shimshali lady climber Samina Baig. Attempting to defeat social barriers in a normal society influence of man. With her mountaineering achievements, she tries to be a role model for the youth of Pakistan. To pave the way for women equality, where so far women sports were looked down on.

Samina Baig
Samina Baig

Samina Baig’s vision is to motivate all women of Pakistan and around the world to actively participate in all fields of society. She says, “It is my wish to motivate more women to participate as this will give a message of confidence to females everywhere that if a young woman can climb a mountain, she can do anything”.

The focus of this 20-year-old Pakistani female mountaineer, Samina Baig, climbing an unclimbed and nameless peak in heights where no other Pakistani woman has ever been before. Thus smashing the rules of a country where not only sports but all fields of society are male-dominated.

At the age of just 19, Samina was the first Pakistani lady that climbed a virgin peak of 6.400m. Chashkin Sar is now named Samina Peak after her ascent. TV documentaries, TV interviews, and newspaper articles, which gained her so much media attention in Pakistan, that her message can not be denied anymore in the long run.