Roundu Valley

Roundu Valley is the gateway of Baltistan while traveling from Pakistan. While we travel by road from Islamabad or Gilgit Roundu is the first district on the way to Baltistan. So, this is the main travel and trade route of Baltistan. Roundu is also known as Rangyal in the Balti language. Formerly Roundu was a sub-division and part of the Skardu District.

Roundu Skardu
Roundu Valley

In April 2019 Government of Gilgit-Baltistan upgraded Roundu as a separate District. Dambudas is the headquarter of this District. It is almost 70 kilometers away from Skardu, Capital of Baltistan.

Mostly people of this valley like other valleys speak the Balti language. But in some higher altitudes and areas towards Gilgit, significant speak Shina as well. So, We can say that it seems like about 70% speak Balti and 30% speak Shina language. Most noteworthy, the literacy rate of this District is almost 90%.

Roundu valley is rich with high altitude meadows, lush green fields, mountains and even more streams of fresh ice-cold water. Certainly, this valley is very famous for its Grapes in Baltistan Region. Different kinds of Grapes are present in this valley. Mostly farming in the profession of people. The people are so much hard-working.

So, Some valleys are very famous among tourists and we are going to tell you about them briefly in this blog post.

Roundu Valley

Bashoo Valley

The valley is surrounded by high mountains on three sides. Which is also home to deer, markhor, ibex and snow leopard. This area is distinguished in the entire region due to the vast forests and beautiful landscapes. The only Eco adventures place in the Baltistan region. The picturesque and demoralized valley of Baltistan, Bashu Valley, is a sight to behold.

Bilamik Valley

Bilamik means “Cat’s eye” in the Balti language. This valley has so much beauty and many eye-catching scenes are all around. That’s the reason for the name I think. The green meadows and natural Forest of this valley are very famous. There is also a trekking point which leads to Astore valley. This trek is almost a day long.

Stak Valley

Stak valley is also known as Stak Nala. The population and area of this valley are biggest in the Roundu District. This valley is the middle of Gilgit and Skardu. There are many glaciers in this valley likewise Haramosh, Khutia and Goropi glacier. That’ s the reason that a river from Stak Nala falls into the Indus river. Stak valley is an important stay point on the Karakoram highway.

Tormik Valley

Tormik valley another beautiful valley of Roundu District. This is the second biggest valley after Stak Valley. Postures, meadows, and forests are the important and sources of the beauty of this valley. A festival of this Valley is very famous in this district. which is known as Dunsa Festival. People enjoy different types of games and music at this festival. Freestyle Polo of this festival is of great fun. Local people arrange this festival. People live here only in the summer. Because of heavy snowfall, it’s very difficult to stay there in the winter season.

Even more, there are many other small valleys in this District. Among them Some are :-

  • Dambudas
  • Tokalmo
  • Shingus
  • Baghicha
  • Shengus
  • Talu
  • Gunji
Roundu Skardu
Roundu Valley