Passu Valley

Passu valley is one of the attractive and popular tourist points of the Hunza District of Gilgit-Baltistan. Passu is a small village but full of natural beauty. The valley is on the way to Gojal Upper Hunza on the Karakoram highway. The zigzag peaks of Passu are very alluring. Passu is a peaceful valley surrounded by the spectacular mountains and with the river flowing through it. Glaciers and their rivers run across. Great place to walk, trek, or hike.

Passu Valley
Passu Valley Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern area of Pakistan.

The Passu Glacier, Passu Cones, Passu village, and Passu Hanging bridge are the most interesting Interesting to visit in Passu and around.

Passu Cones

The Passu Cones are Zigzag peaks in the Passu Village. The Cones are few insinuated peaks in the Karakoram Range that are located East of KKH in Passu / Husseini village areas. The strange pointed shape of the numerous peaks located on a single massif and their visibility from most areas in Gulkin, Gulmit, Hussein, and Passu areas make them famous.
very few people have climbed the various peaks of Passu Cones. Climbing the peaks will be a serious effort that would require proper planning. Some of them are really steep and might involve a technical climb.

The cone-shaped group of mountains on the Karakoram highway is just amazing. The cones are known as Passu Peaks. These are in the Karakoram range of mountains in Hunza valley, the north of Pakistan. The highest point among them is 6,106 meters. Passu is a windy place even in the summers the nights are slightly colder. The village is also full of beauty. A number of local and foreign tourists visit this beautiful place, especially in the summers.

Passu cones are easily visible from many locations around Passu. You get some great ones on the hikes to Borit Glacier, to the Passu suspension bridge, as well as when beginning the trek up the left side of the Glacier.

Passu Glacier

Passu Glacier is a large glacier near Passu and worth seeing. This Glacier is also known as “Batura Glacier”. It is around 21 km long and covering around 115 sq km area. Quite near to Borith lake and Hussaini Bridge.  The glacier is easy to access on hikes up the left side (south) from Passu. 

Can access views of Passu Glacier is to do the Yunz Valley hike trek which begins in Passu. You have views of the Glacier on this hike until you are behind a moraine and then when you proceed into the Yunz Valley.

Alternatively, you can access the toe of Passu Glacier by hiking up the outlet creek. This is the shortest and least strenuous access to the glacier and can be completed in a couple of hours.