Norway’s Northern Lights: How to Spot Them Beyond Oslo

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Are you dreaming of witnessing the magical northern lights? You may be wondering if you can spot these enchanting lights in the beautiful city of Oslo. Well, the answer is not straightforward, but stick with us to find all the relevant information about this sparkling natural phenomenon right here in this post!

What are Northern Lights?

Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, is an astounding natural light phenomenon that occurs in the polar regions. It happens when the charged particles from the Sun collide with the Earth’s magnetic field and create vibrant, dancing lights in the sky.

Can you see Northern Lights in Oslo?

The simple answer is yes, it is technically possible to see northern lights in Oslo, Norway. However, the chances are low as the lights are not always visible in the city.

Why the northern lights are difficult to spot in Oslo?

Although Oslo is located in the auroral zone, various factors go into play that makes spotting the northern lights in the city rare.

  • The city’s light pollution can affect visibility.
  • The lights are most visible during winter, and daylight hours are limited in Oslo during that time.
  • Oslo is situated in a fjord, meaning limited visibility towards the northern horizon, making it harder to spot the northern lights.

Where in Oslo can you see Northern Lights?

Now that you understand why spotting them in Oslo is unlikely. You’ll need to find a good spot with few lights visible and a clear northern view.

  • The best place to see Northern lights in Oslo is the Børre National Park.
  • Other great locations include Jevnaker, a village located north of Oslo, and Hemsedal, a small ski resort town northwest of Oslo, where the lights are often visible.

When is the best time to see Northern Lights in Oslo?

The Northern Lights are visible in Oslo from late September to early April. However, the lights are most intense and frequent between December and March. Also, keep an eye on aurora forecast apps for the best chances of seeing the northern lights.

What to do if you don’t see Northern Lights in Oslo?

Don’t worry if you can’t spot the northern lights in Oslo. They are visible in other parts of Norway, such as Tromsø, a popular destination for Northern Lights, or the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway.


We hope you found the information in this article useful in answering your question, “Can you see the Northern Lights in Oslo?”. Remember, it’s possible but not easy to spot the northern lights in Oslo and if you don’t see them, head north to other parts of Norway and give it another try.

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