Khunjarab Pass

The Khunjarab pass borders between Pakistan and China. A pass in the Karakoram mountain ranges in the north of Pakistan. This pass is about 4693 m above sea level. Pak china border is a must to see place while visiting Gilgit- Baltistan. Lovely drive from Karimabad to Khunjarab pass. Takes around 3.5 hours but lovely scenery. Some of the highest mountains in the world i.e. Rakaposhi mountain (7681 m high), the Connection point of three mountains are on the way.

Khunjarab pass, Pak-China border Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan.
Khunjarab pass, Pak-China border Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan.

Oxygen levels are a little low up there because of that some people experienced headaches and nausea. Requires good driving skills, special care while selecting the mode of transport, landslides, and extreme weather can hamper the travel. There is the highest ATM booth in the world as well.


 Once you are in the Khunjerab National park after Sost, the Last town where you can eat food and use toilets, etc. The last 15 minutes of the rides give you breathtaking views of surroundings and great color combinations of nature- Yellow, green, and Brown. Snow on surrounding mountains, Animals grazing just a short distance from there. Do keep a jacket as this place is cold & windy. There are yaks nearby and it’s a great experience to ride a yak.

There may have long queues on forest and security check posts for payments and registrations. Therefore it is recommended to reach the top as early as possible to enjoy the place and avoid rush. The presence of Chinese’s structure in this remote mountain summit demarcated the border between both countries. Best tour attraction of your trip to Hunza Valley is a trip to Khunjerab Top, go with warm clothes.

The starting point of CPEC

The beginning point of the Pak-China Economic Corridor. This Corridor will be beneficial for both the countries in many aspects. Both countries are expecting it to be a game-changer.