Kharmang Valley

Kharmang Valley land of Forts. Khar means Fort and Mang mean much more in the Balti language. So, Kharmang means the valley of Forts. Balti is the language of most of the people in this valley. But in some high altitude points, people speak Shina language as well. The old name of this valley was Khartikhsha but later that changed to Kharmang. Allah blessed this valley with natural beauty.

Kharmang became a separate district in 2015. Before that this was part of the Skardu district. This valley is about 120 kilometers away from Skardu city. Temporary headquarter is currently at Tolti.

Kharmang Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Travel to north,
Kharmang, Gilgit-Baltistan, Travel to north,

Kharmang valley is rich with huge waterfalls, lush green fields, meadows, high mountains, Fresh Fruity Fruits. Due to its distinctive geographical appearance and climate, this Valley is suitable for many fruits. Although a variety of fruits are present in this valley. But this valley is very famous for its special apples, apricots, and cherries.

The lush green fields and meadows will make you take snaps at every moment. There are many amazing views on the road during the journey which people don’t miss to save. Capture the natural beauty and enjoy all that.

Kharmang Valley, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Travel to north,
Kharmang, Gilgit-Baltistan, Travel to north,

Saspolo of Pari

Pari village of Kharmang valley is famous for apples among the valleys of Kharmang. Specially Saspolo of the Pari is very famous. It is said about its first plant in this valley was brought from Saspolo valley in Kashmir. For this reason, it is called Saspolo. This apple is comparatively large in size, absolutely red in color, and long-lasting. This is also aromatic and flavorsome. According to experts, it is rich in vitamins, iron, and fiber.

Because of this, it is fruitful for the patients of high blood pressure, deficiency of blood, anemia, and constipation. There is no family in Pari who has no trees of it. Many organizations are trying to introduce it in international markets. Some other types of apples like Samarkhan, wargafs, Nas kushu, and Skir kushu are also present.

The residents of Kharmang are tough, hard-working, honest and, hospitable. The profession of most of the people of this valley is farming.


The Manthokha and Khamush waterfalls are the two famous waterfalls of Kharmang valley. These waterfalls are the main tourist points of this valley. Tourists from all over the world visit these waterfalls. Capture the beauty of these. The Manthokha waterfall is basically the spillway of a power station in Manthokha village.

Khamush waterfall is a natural waterfall. Fresh crystal and ice cold water coming out of the Rugged rocks are surprising for the visitors. The beauty of the waterfall is spectacular. Water comes from almost 250 km in height. This is one of the tallest waterfalls of Pakistan. Water flows like a stream as it falls on the ground and later it joins the Indus River.

Khamosh Waterfall
Khamosh Waterfall Kharmang, Gilgit-Baltistan.


Although the waterfalls are famous tourist points in Kharmang. Similarly, there are many lakes. Those lakes can also be good points for tourists in this Valley. Many hidden lakes in this valley still need to explore. Two lakes are there in Kharmang Ghandus Upper Ghandus lakes and Gorashay lake.

Wooden Bridges

There are many wooden bridges in Kharmang valley. Those bridges look beautiful and all are on the Indus river. Only a single vehicle can cross these bridges at once.

wooden bridge in Kharmang, Gilgit-Baltistan.

The people are so much hospitable, peaceful, caring and welcoming. There is a great chance in this wonderful piece of land to escape your tiredness and refresh your soul.

Trust me saying goodbye to this wonderful piece of land after visiting is very difficult. I recommend you to take more days off from your work. Get more and more trekking experience.

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