Khaplu Fort


Khaplu Fort is one of the historic forts located in different areas of Baltistan. The Fort was built 400 years ago. Which is still a symbol of the past of Baltistan. Specialist Craftsmans were invited from Iran for the initial construction of this fort. Who built it as a great masterpiece of Islamic style. The building which is famous for its distinctive texture, the woodwork is done in it is unique in its nature. The work on roofs, windows, and doors has been done with great skills in Mughal, Kashmiris, and Iranian style.

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Khaplu Fort, Khaplu Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to experts, the woodwork done in the fort is of very high quality. This fort is a great monument of the famous “Yabgo” Kings, Famous Royal family of the region. Who ruled the region from the thirteenth century until the nineteenth century.

Under the cultural protection program, an attempt has been made to restore this great fort. It is important to protect this national heritage for the awareness of the new generation from their culture.

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