Discover the Top Airlines Flying to Greenland: Your Essential Guide

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Welcome to Greenland: Exploring the Airlines That Can Take You There

Greenland is an absolute wonderland, brimming with incredible scenic beauty, unfathomable natural wonders, and a plethora of cultural experiences. It is one of the most pristine and untouched corners of the world, and no matter what inspires you to explore it, you will never be disappointed. If you’re among those who are seeking to relish the beautiful island of Greenland, you must be wondering, “Which airlines fly to Greenland?”

Getting to Greenland

Greenland is a massive island nestled in the North Atlantic Ocean, sharing its borders with the Arctic Ocean. Despite being the largest non-continental island in the world, it has only a limited number of possible gateways to get to it. Diversely located airports make it a challenge to pick the right one for your itinerary. You may have a breakaway trip or an adventure-packed full itinerary visit in mind. Regardless of your travel plan, getting to Greenland is made straightforward with various airlines stepping up to tread their way high up North.

Airlines That Fly to Greenland

While there are no direct flights to Greenland from the US, Canada, or Europe, the best way to travel to Greenland is flying on a connecting flight from Copenhagen. A few airlines offer flights year-round and seasonal, so you can plan your trip accordingly. Here are a few that are worth considering:

1. Air Greenland

Being the national airline of Greenland, Air Greenland is the most significant carrier with the hub in Nuuk. The airline operates to/from eight locations in the country and internationally to Iceland, Denmark, and Canada.

2. Icelandair

Icelandair is an Icelandic airline and offers seasonal flights between Reykjavik and Keflavik to Greenland’s three international airports, including Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, and Ilulissat.

3. SAS

Scandinavian Airlines is a joint venture between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. SAS operates year-round service several times a week between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq and from Kangerlussuaq, SAS offers connections to other cities in Greenland.

4. Air Canada

Air Canada offers seasonal direct flights between Toronto and Kangerlussuaq. From there, you can connect to other Greenlandic destinations with Air Greenland.

5. Air Iceland Connect

Travelers in the UK and Europe can fly with Air Iceland Connect to Akureyri and Reykjavik, Iceland, and connect onwards to a Choice of destinations in Greenland.

Schedules for Airlines to Greenland

The schedules for different airlines vary depending on the season. They’re subject to change and fluctuation.

The airlines that operate flights to Greenland have planned out connections and itineraries convenient for getting passengers traveling from all over the world. While most flights are year-round, others go only during specific seasons.

Bottom Line

Greenland is a unique destination and without a doubt worth the journey. It’s crucial to pick the right airline when traveling to Greenland, and luckily there are plenty of good choices. No matter which airline you opt to travel with, always pre-book your tickets to save money and secure your connectivity. Hopping on a connecting flight is the most suitable way to reach the northern hemisphere’s polar retreat. With the airlines mentioned above, you are all set to experience Greenland’s charm and beauty. Happy travels!

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